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[quantum annealing]Graph coloring application with javascript

Introduction I made this application 3years before and it is useful to see how the annealing process read more

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Automated mix juice machine with interactive optimization algorithm on machine learning.

Introduction MDR and Mr.Yasuda did a lot of optimization around us. This time we optimized the taste read more

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[QUBO] Select K qubits from N qubits

Introduction To understand basic method to solve ising model which is usually use when you use D-Wav read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.13updated 50views


Introduction Let’s solve maxcut problem using QAOA algorithm on universal gate model quantum c read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.10updated 10views

[shor]Subtractor with reverse circuit of adder

Introduction We implemented the adder circuit before. This time we easily implement subtractor just read more

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Grover’s algorithm

Overview Grover’s algorithm is a simple search algorithm to find the data from random data. Th read more

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[revised]Quantum teleportation

Introduction We did quantum teleportation circuit before and now we have much more easier code. Quan read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.10updated 35views

0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on D-Wave quantum annealer

Introduction We did 0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on universal gate model quantum computing. Here we intro read more

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0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on universal gate model

Introduction By using the superposition we can implement an adder circuit with all possibility only read more

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[factoring] Variational Quantum Factoring using QAOA and VQE on blueqat

Introduction It’s quite difficult to implement shor’s algorithm on NISQ machine which is read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.09updated 59views

[shor] Decimal number of adder mod circuit on blueqat

Introduction We implemented the basic adder circuit of decimal number before. Now we try on the adde read more

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[shor] Adder circuit with decimal number on blueqat SDK

Introduction We usually using binary number to calculate on quantum circuit. We now try convert deci read more

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[debug]Checking unitary matrix of the circuit using blueqat

Introduction When we developing a quantum application on python we usually want to check the unitary read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.09updated 43views

[Gate] Basic Multiplier on blueqat

Introduction We just implement using basic adder circuit and toffoli gate on blueqat quantum compute read more

@yuichirominato 2019.02.09updated 51views

[Gate] Basic Adder and Subtractor on blueqat quantum computer SDK

Introduction We try to implement basic adder and subtractor circuit on our blueqat SDK Decimal and B read more

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[Simulator] Visualization of Quantum Annealing using WebGL simulator

Introduction We just introduced a simulator on quantum annealing using javascript. Now we try on Web read more

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[simulator] Quantum Annealing with Javascript

Introduction We cannot usually use the actual quantum computer or quantum machines. This time we int read more

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[kids] Quantum Computation for kids

Introduction Recently we had quantum computer programming workshop for kids in Tokyo Institute of Te read more

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Solve the Ising Many-body problem of protein folding problem efficiently With Blueqat

Blueqat protein foldings QAOA QUBO VQE
Introduction I tried quantum annealing on a simple problem to solve the protein folding problem with read more

@yuichirominato 2018.11.24updated 161views

Starting a Quantum Computer Application on Google Colab

Blueqat 量子ゲート 量子コンピュータ
Introduction Who want to start developing a quantum computing application, the most troublesome thin read more

@yuichirominato 2018.11.16updated 297views

Quantum teleportation with Blueqat

Blueqat Gate
Introduction I introduced quantum teleportation by continuous valuable programming before. Continuou read more

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